Remembering SeaStar Medical’s Shareholder and Cherished Friend, Jeff Goldstein

Eric Schlorff, CEO
Eric Schlorff, CEO August 10, 2021


We are greatly saddened to announce the passing of Jeff Goldstein on June 27th, a long-serving trusted Shareholder and cherished friend of SeaStar Medical. As a committed business leader and transplant advocate, Jeff was dedicated to impacting patient lives through transformative healthcare innovation and technology. 

In July 2003, Jeff was given the gift of a double-lung transplant at Duke University Medical Center, spending over 15 years with his new set of lungs. Through this major life event, he quickly became a leading lung transplant advocate and champion for other patients and their families. This led Jeff to join the Lung Transplant Foundation as the President and Founding Member. 

With Jeff’s passion and knowledge of lung transplants, he sought to help bring healthcare innovation to patients in need. He recognized and believed in the promise behind immunomodulatory technology, like SeaStar Medical’s Selective Cytopheretic Device (SCD), to prevent the devastation of multiorgan failure. In many critical-care heart or lung disease patients, a dysregulated cytokine response can cause hyperinflammation, known as a cytokine storm, and this can lead to tragic outcomes unless stopped in time. Without effective treatment, patients can suffer from catastrophic organ failure and lose their lives. 

That’s why SeaStar Medical’s patented technology was developed to address this life altering medical therapeutic that selectively sequesters the cells responsible for inflammation, stopping a cytokine storm before it causes lasting damage. The SCD targets leukocytes, the critical effector cells that drive systemic inflammation and secretes a range of pro-inflammatory cytokines that initiate and propagate imbalanced immune responses.

As an organ transplant survivor himself, Jeff knew just how influential and vital this technology would be to critical-care patients. 

In addition to his work with SeaStar Medical, Jeff was the Chief Executive Officer of Energy Squared and previously the President of Contract Resources, Inc. Over the years he served the Lung Transplant Foundation in many other capacities including Fundraising Director, Vice President and President Elect. He is also a former board member of The Transplant Foundation in Miami, Florida.

Through Jeff’s involvement with SeaStar Medical and the lung transplant community, his positive impact will continue to live on for years to come. I will miss his sage counsel and encouragement. His passing strengthens our resolve to bring our investigational extracorporeal therapy to patients in need.

If you wish to express sympathy or support Jeff’s work with lung transplant patients, consider donating to the Lung Transplant Foundation to further Jeff and the community’s work.

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